Veks Van Hillik is a young and very talented artist from France. Influenced by his elder brothers, he takes up drawing at a young age and finds his first source of inspiration from the nature surrounding him, its fauna and flora.

The work of Van Veks Hillik, made with acrylic on canvas and pencil on paper, are characterized by meticulous attention to graphic and colors that take shape, both in storytelling and in the anatomical details.

Veks later develops his own style: an oneiric, surreal one, while integrating other various influences.

Artists such as Gustave Doré, Ingres, Caravaggio, Dali or Breton are constant inspirations from the past centuries but, as cursed by his generation, his work is also tinged by pop culture, video games, comics, street art and tattoos.

I found this artist while browsing the web and in my opinion his artworks are really stunning!







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