Otto (Ottorino D’Ambra) was born in Milan  December 3rd 1978, He graduates in 2003 at the academy of fine arts “Accademia di Brera” specializing in set design. He starts collaborating in 1998 as set designer in various interior design practices. Amongst the most prestigious in Milan, during this time he works at projects ranging from restaurants and bars to fashion / design events and fairs.

His particular ability in visualizing spaces allows him to create original and always different environments that are refined in time thanks to experience and team work.This type of work made him develop a distinguished creativity and an excellent knowledge of al materials.

Otto never lets go of his love for art and keeps developing his research of a personal aesthetics in pictorial and graphic drawing.

Fascinated by the concept of body art in 2005 he undertakes, parallel to his work as set designer, a career as tattoo artist.After his apprenticeship he becomes part of the Milan tattoo studio “Trafficanti d’arte” where he works until 2009.In 2009 he moves to London where he keeps working both as tattoo artist and as set designer.

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