Sarah Illenberger is a multi-media artist based in Berlin, Germany.

It’s hard to describe her purpose, because she is a designer, illustrator, craftswoman, photographer and art director.

She defines herself as “visual communicator”: she speaks a language made of images, full hidden meanings and humour with a conceptual force.

Generally, all of Illenberger’s designs are part-graphic, part-illustration and part-photography.

The first approach to the work is not digital, but very traditional by the use of different materials, especially paper and food, but wool, wood and flowers too.

In her successful “Strange Fruits” project, she reinvents common fruits and vegetables by meticulous handcrafting into something new and that is usually the aim of her works.

All her ideas come from a unique love for details mixed in a funny playground.

You can view Sarah Illenberger’s work in her official website

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