Brock Davis is an art director, creative director, artist, designer, illustrator, photographer and conceptual thinker from Minneapolis. He has worked in advertising for 17 years and when he isn’t busy making ads he’s busy making other things, like one piece of art every day for a year in his “Make Something Cool Every Day” project of 2009, and t-shirt designs for his line of Brock Davis kid’s tees at Target stores. Here we have a selection of his works in ” Make something Cool Every Day” project.

Brock Davis è art director, creative director, artista, designer, illustratore, fotografo e conceptual thinker proveniente da Minneapolis. Lavora nel campo dell’advertising da 17 anni, ma nel tempo libero ama creare opere di generi differenti, come grafiche per la sua linea “Brock Davis t-shirts”, o piccole opere d’arte per ogni giorno dell’anno, come nel progetto “Make Something Cool Every Day”, che qui in parte vi mostriamo, svolto nel 2009.

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