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“PoP Uber Alles” by Orticanoodles“PoP Uber Alles” by Orticanoodles

“PoP Uber Alles” by Orticanoodles“PoP Uber Alles” by Orticanoodles
Orticanoodles is the pseudonym of two italian artists from Milan (IT). Wally and Alita in their laboratory, situated in the Ortica district in Milan, work with stencil technique to create drawings, handmade posters and paste up. In their graffiti the faces of “celebrities” are stripped to the bone in a... » read moreleggi tutto

James Murphy’s tattoo styleJames Murphy’s tattoo style

James Murphy's tattoo styleJames Murphy's tattoo style
Honestly I didn’t find any info on James Murphy, so if you know about him please write us. By the way, I think these tattoo style illustrations are just amazing. James takes all the classic Sailor Jerry’s & co. imagery and manipulates it in an urban-pop style, a bit kawaii... » read moreleggi tutto


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