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May Ann Licudine’s toys and art

May Ann Licudine's toys and art
May Ann Licudine is an artist living in La Union, Philippines. She works on and with different medias and her work goes from illustrations to paintings to toys. » read more

Toy stories by Gabriele Galimberti

Toy stories by Gabriele Galimberti
Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti spent 18 months travelling around the world and shooting photos of children with their most precious possessions. Apparently, in his experience, he noticed that richest children are more possessive about their toys, and it took more time for him to be able to touch and arrange them... » read more

Project Squadt toys

Project Squadt toys
Project squadt is a collaborative effort between Ferg and Threezero, produced by jamungo. » read more

Custom art toys by ArtMyMind

Custom art toys by ArtMyMind
Guillaume and Julia Lachambre are ArtMyMind. They make custom vinyl toys based on classic Munny and Dunny by Kidrobot and other blank toys. Their toys are customized not just with the use of colors, but also adding and modifying shapes and creating clothes. ArtMyMind toys are mainly inspired by japenese... » read more

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Kidrobot Dunny Series 2012
The new season of Kidrobot Buy Pristiq Without Prescription, 's Dunnies includes 12 artists for 14 designs. The artists involved are: Andrew Bell, effects of Pristiq, Where can i find Pristiq online, Attaboy, Scribe, Pristiq description, Where can i cheapest Pristiq online, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Pristiq no rx, Order Pristiq... » read more

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Happy Food by Yum Yum
Buy Human Growth Hormone Without Prescription, Last animation by Yum Yum, a design studio from London, founded by two directors who love character design, animation and storytelling. Toys Series by Yum Yum [vimeo][/vimeo] Something to enjoy in your lunch break :) Created by Audio by, Human Growth Hormone pharmacy. Low... » read more

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The Barbatonics by Elisa Sassi and Quailstudio a.k.a Amaury Lemal
The Barbatonics Accutane For Sale, are inhabitants of Sassiland. Each one has a special story to be told, order Accutane from mexican pharmacy, About Accutane, together they are a set of 7 characters designed by Elisa Sassi and digitally sculpted by Quailstudio a.k.a Amaury Lemal. The Barbatonics are the Vinyl... » read more

Made in China – Portrait using more than 5500 toy soldiers

Made in China - Portrait using more than 5500 toy soldiers
Produced by Joe black, using more than 5500 toy soldiers. The portrait is of a Chinese soldier boy taken by photographer Robert Capa. The image was used on the front cover of LIFE magazine, January 1938 to cover the Sino Japanese War. The toy soldiers are manufactured in China, hence... » read more

Characters by Tixinda Mexico

Characters by Tixinda Mexico
TIXINDA is a mexican design brand created by Anabel Vanoni and Eric Morales “Dr. Morbito”, seen as a fusion between design and urban-ethnic art, engaged in recovering cultural identity through the creation of exclusive and innovative products. >   » read more

The Unnatural History Museum

The Unnatural History Museum
Hine Mizushima, who was born and raised in Japan, majored in Japanese traditional painting before working as a designer and Illustrator in Tokyo. She later moved to Rome, then Paris, and then NYC. Five years ago she left New York for Vancouver, Canada where she lives with her family. She... » read more


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