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Sand Creatures by Claire DroppertSand Creatures by Claire Droppert

Sand Creatures by Claire DroppertSand Creatures by Claire Droppert
Droppert’s work turns the heavy piles of sand into something weightless, ethereal and almost cloud-like. I say almost because the exceptional detail and high speed found in each shot captures large chunks and even individual sand grains mid-flight. » read moreleggi tutto

Jim Denevan’s giant drawingsJim Denevan’s giant drawings

Jim Denevan's giant drawingsJim Denevan's giant drawings
These are not the work of some UFOs tired of making crop circles, but the artoworks of Jim Denevan. He makes temporary drawings on sand earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather.  Queste non sono le opere di qualche UFO stanco dei cerchi nel grano, ma... » read moreleggi tutto


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