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“Revolver” by Rub Kandy

"Revolver" by Rub Kandy
A project by the Italian artist Mimmo Rubino (aka Rub Kandy) , Revolver is absolutely no reference to weapons. Using the surface of a rotating cement truck as his canvas, Rub Kandy stood up on a ladder to spray-paint an array of colorful rows along the cylinder. As the container spun... » read moreleggi tutto

“Happy Rainbow” by FriendsWithYou

"Happy Rainbow" by FriendsWithYou
FriendsWithYou‘s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, entitled “Happy Rainbow”, is an interactive rainbow shrine, created for people of all ages and built to connect them to a joyful emotion as they play with each other. This 16 piece exhibit varies from a forty-foot interactive bounce house, to fiberglass, to oversized plush... » read moreleggi tutto


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