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Tattoos and Celebrities by Cheyenne Randall

Tattoos and Celebrities by Cheyenne Randall
Cheyenne Randall is a Seattle based artist, he has created Shopped Tattoos, a  Tumblr blog where he imagines what celebrities would look like if they had tattoos. He used photoshop to create this impressive series of unique photos! You can see the ongoing series on his Tumblr blog. » read moreleggi tutto

L’Enfant ExtérieurL’Enfant Extérieur

L'Enfant ExtérieurL'Enfant Extérieur
What if our inner child comes outside? Cristian Girotto, professional photo retoucher living in Paris, considered this hypothesis in this series of portraits Cosa succederebbe se il nostro fanciullo interiore venisse fuori? Cristian Girotto, fotoritoccatore prefessionista di Parigi, ha considerato questa ipotesi in questa serie di ritratti. » read moreleggi tutto