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Honey Hunters of NepalHoney Hunters of Nepal

Honey Hunters of NepalHoney Hunters of Nepal
Éric Valli is a French photographer and film director. Valli spent most of his career as a geographical photographer working for the National Geographic Magazine and The Sunday Times, capturing more inaccessible locations in the world on camera. Valli has shot a documentary with Diane Summers on the Honey hunters... » read moreleggi tutto

Yang Yi – UprootedYang Yi – Uprooted

Yang Yi - UprootedYang Yi - Uprooted
The Three Gorges Dam project along the Yangtze River in the Hubei province of China is the world’s largest engineering project  and has displaced over 1.2 million people and destroyed 11 cities. This project has been the reason of much controversy, as well as the subject for many artists. Il... » read moreleggi tutto


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