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“Unhappily Ever After” by Jeff Hong

"Unhappily Ever After" by Jeff Hong
How can Disney’s characters live in real world? Well, New York based artist Jeff Hong has created this series of images where these characters live and related with a raw reality of society. » read moreleggi tutto

Broken Mirror Evening Sky By Bing Wright

Broken Mirror Evening Sky By Bing Wright
These photographs, by New York-based Bing Wright, feature reflections of sunsets in shattered mirrors. » read moreleggi tutto


TrustoCorp is a New York based guerrilla art group dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior.  TrustoCorp targets areas in the public domain reserved for messages of trust and authority and subverts them with sarcasm and satire. With active agents all over the country, we send our... » read moreleggi tutto

The L.I.S.A. project in NYC’s Little Italy

The L.I.S.A. project in NYC's Little Italy
L.I.S.A. stands for Little Italy Street Art, a project started by Wayne Rada in 2012. The mission is to bring a diverse group of street artists together in the Little Italy area of downtown on historic Mulberry Street, between Broome and Canal to create Manhattan’s only mural district. Many artists are... » read moreleggi tutto

Amazing realistic dioramas by Matthew Albanese

Amazing realistic dioramas by Matthew Albanese
He started creating environments for his action figures as a kid, after a few years and after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the State University of New York, Matthew Albanese (New Jersey, 1983) is taking pictures of amazing landscape that he actually makes with his own hands.... » read moreleggi tutto

Jason Bard Yarmosky “Elder kinder”

Jason Bard Yarmosky "Elder kinder"
Jason Bard Yarmosky was born in 1987 in Poughkeepsie, New York. He graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2010. The subject of his oil paintings are his grandparents, and specifically, the series “Elder kinder” explores the them of aging in a very... » read moreleggi tutto

Tristan Eaton’s murals

Tristan Eaton's murals
Tristan Eaton is a Los Angeles born artist, now based in NY, where in 2003 he founded Thunderdog Studio, a successful creative studio working for clients such as Disney, Canon, Kid Robot, Dell, Nike, Nissan, Rockstar Games and many others. At the top of this post, his last work in... » read moreleggi tutto

Anthropomorphic Creatures by Caitlin Hackett

Anthropomorphic Creatures by Caitlin Hackett
Born in 1986, Caitlin Hackett is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York where she produces awesome illustrations. » read moreleggi tutto

Cinemagraphs, GIFs from NY

Cinemagraphs, GIFs from NY
Cinemagraph is a project my visual artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck, both from NY. Kevin started experimenting with GIF format in 2009, and thanks to a partnership with Jamie the project Cinemagraph has started. Nowadays there are different series, dedicated to NYC, to New York Fashion Week, to food... » read moreleggi tutto

Nathan Walsh’s realistic cityscapes paintings

Nathan Walsh's realistic cityscapes paintings
New York is not just the place where the painter Nathan Walsh lives, but also one of his favourite painting subjects. His work is stunning. Take a look at the work in progress photos to understand how much work and preparation there are behind each one of these oil on canvas... » read moreleggi tutto


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