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Currency Collages by Rodrigo TorresCurrency Collages by Rodrigo Torres

Currency Collages by Rodrigo TorresCurrency Collages by Rodrigo Torres
Brazilian artist Rodrigo Torres creates stunning three-dimensional collages by carefully cutting and layering currency from all over the world. Artista brasiliano Rodrigo Torres crea incredibili collage tridimensionali tagliando e sovrapponendo con attenzione banconote di tutto il mondo. » read moreleggi tutto

Scott Campbell’s lasercut moneyScott Campbell’s lasercut money

Scott Campbell's lasercut moneyScott Campbell's lasercut money
Scott Campbell is a famous tattoo artist from Brooklyn, NY. As almost all tattoo artists he also works in other arts fields. In this series we can see lasercut money wads with tattoo style subjects. Scott Campbell è un famoso tatuatore di Brooklyn, NY. Come la maggior parte degli artisti... » read moreleggi tutto


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