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“Kronen” by Markus Reugels

"Kronen" by Markus Reugels
Markus Reugels is a Germany-based photographer whose special trait is to encapsulate a complex and meaningful background into a water drop. Although the idea may sound simple, this technique requires that the artist control the shape of the drop, the background and the the reflection and scattering of the light... » read moreleggi tutto

Milky PinUpsMilky PinUps

Milky PinUpsMilky PinUps
These Milky Illustrations were made for upcoming limited edition – MILK Calendar 2014 by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. The Calendar contains recent Milky Pin-up Series and it will premiere during our Milk Workshop in Australia this November 2013! Images © Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz » read moreleggi tutto

“Liquid Jewel” by Fabian Oefner

"Liquid Jewel" by Fabian Oefner
This series is a continuation of my research of manipulating paint with different natural forces. In the “Black Hole” series, it was centrifugal force, that shaped the paints into colorful carousels. This time I used air pressure to create what I call “liquid jewels”. The structures you see are modeling... » read moreleggi tutto