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“Odd Things” by Erika Sanada

"Odd Things" by Erika Sanada
Erika Sanada is an artist based in San Francisco, USA. Her concept is “Odd Things.” She want her audience to feel emotions that include excitement, astonishment and impact when they look at her artwork there are two reasons why she create odd, creepy and grotesque things. One is the memory... » read moreleggi tutto

“Book Sculpture” by Bronia Sawyer“Book Sculpture” by Bronia Sawyer

"Book Sculpture" by Bronia Sawyer"Book Sculpture" by Bronia Sawyer
Bronia Sawyer is a young British artist, born in 1982. Her project “book sculpture” collects a series of works created using the books. Sawyer’s work explores her struggles with dyslexia and her obsession with being creative. “through my book sculptures I combine my old weaknesses with words with my artistic... » read moreleggi tutto