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Photo Collages by Lola DupréPhoto Collages by Lola Dupré

Photo Collages by Lola DupréPhoto Collages by Lola Dupré
Lola Dupré is an artist from Glasgow who creates bizzare images, sometimes scattered, other times contorted. Lola Dupré è un’artista di Glasgow che crea bizzarre immagini tramite contorni collage fotografici. » read moreleggi tutto

Nikki Farquharson’s Mixed Media GirlsNikki Farquharson’s Mixed Media Girls

Nikki Farquharson's Mixed Media GirlsNikki Farquharson's Mixed Media Girls
Nikki Farquharson is a 24 year old freelancer based in London, England. Her work includes a unique mixture of collage, photography, typography and bold color combinations and patterns.Nikki Farquharson è un’illustratrice freelance di 24 anni di Londra. I suoi lavori sono un misto unico di collage, fotografia e vivaci pattern.... » read moreleggi tutto

David Fullarton’s works on paperDavid Fullarton’s works on paper

David Fullarton's works on paperDavid Fullarton's works on paper
David Fullarton‘s technique is more than mixed. It’s made by pencil, markers, pens, collage of pieces of paper coming from the most various sources. It’s illustration, art and graphic design, not easy to close it in a single box. La tecnica di David Fullarton è più che mista. E’ fatta... » read moreleggi tutto