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Art for breakfast! “Banana Graffiti” by Marta Grossi

Art for breakfast! "Banana Graffiti" by Marta Grossi
Marta Grossi is an italian illustrator and art director; she lives and work in Hong Kong. ” Every banana has a simple and unique canvas, and every banana is different. This is an open experiment based on a very cheap and ordinary support. I customize my banana during the night. I have... » read moreleggi tutto

Tattoo a Banana by End CapeTattoo a Banana by End Cape

Tattoo a Banana by End CapeTattoo a Banana by End Cape
End Cape, using bananas as a support to make illustrations using just a needle. These tattoos are done without colored ink, only the oxidation process of the banana skin pierced by the needle. » read moreleggi tutto


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