Mimi was born in Berlin in 1974. In her early childhood days she started to draw, influenced by her beloved mother, who was an artist herself and played a major role in Mimi’s creative development. The fact that drawing was an absolute priority in her life brought her to the University of Arts/ Berlin and later to the Film University to study traditional animation.

After graduating, she worked as a character designer and illustrator on several animation projects for the film industry; however, she found the unsatisfactory in the end. Her true passion was always illustrating solely her own ideas and figures. Primarily having drawn and painted most of her life, she discovered the computer for coloring her drawings and it soon became one of her favorite tools. Step by step her illustrations evolved to digital paintings. She loves to draw girls with a special attitude and allure, an obstinate personality and a strange beauty, which seems to appear in a certain, grotesque way.


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