The most famous artworks by italian illustrator Ale Giorgini are based on cult movies (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Lost in Translation, The Blues brothers…) and TV series (like Breaking Bad, The big bang theory, Dexter, Games of Thrones). His remakes of famous movie posters are immediately recognizable because Ale’s style is totally unique. The geometry, the perfect harmony between shapes and between colors are his trademark. One of the most amazing thing in his work is how he is able to make characters immediately recognizable also if they’re made of a few simple lines. These characters fit one to the other like a puzzle to create a composition, almost a pattern, that makes Ale Giorgini’s work absolutly stunning.

Ale worked for: Foot Locker, MTV, Warner Bros., Vibe Magazine, Emirates, Sony Pictures, Kinder Ferrero, Virgin Atlantic, G+J/Mondadori, Gruppo L’Espresso, Saldapress.

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