2veinte is an animation studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following the recent trend of big robots, brought back by Pacific Rim, they made this short animation, mixing 3D, 2D, illustration and photography.

Done by 2veinte
Director: Pablo Gostanian
Art Director: Pablo Gostanian
Animation Directors: Pablo Gostanian & Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Excecutive Producer: Agustin Valcarenghi
Camera: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Mon-star Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Additional Mon-Star Animation: Xeppepo (Jorge Herrero)
Mon-star Modelling: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Boros Robot Design: Pablo Gostanian, Xeppepo (Jorge Herrero), Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Boros Robot Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Robot Cars Modelling: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Alex Gostanian, Diego Flores Diapolo
Traditional 2D Animation: Melisa Farina
AE 2D Animation: Pablo Gostanian
City 3D Design: Pablo Gostanian
City Texturing & Lighting: Ezequiel Pini
Control Cabin Design: Diego Flores Diapolo, Santiago Medina, Pablo Gostanian
Room Design: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Santiago Medina
2D Character Design: Juan Molinet
2D Character Animation: Melisa Farina, Sebastian Garcia
Story: 2veinte Team
Story Board: Pablo Gostanian & Xeppepo
Post Production: Pablo Gostanian
Music: Hula-Music.com


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