Amy Judd is a London based artist who has been represented by Hicks Gallery Wimbledon for the last 10 years.

In recent years Amy’s work draws inspiration from the enchanting and imaginative relationship between women and animals (specifically birds) found in traditional mythologies and stories from around the world.

Amy’s paintings are sensitive silent moments, often between a woman and a bird, The figures are anonymous and allow their “familiars” to interact with the viewer. The composition, light and positioning of subject create curious images which conjure up new “mythological” narratives within the painting.

Her latest  pieces are more ambiguous, perhaps even surreal. Consistently these intriguing figures are faceless however the “familiar” has been replaced by symbolic feathers (or headdress). The figure’s nudity compliments the delicate quality of the feathers, they in turn allude to the fragility of the figure however are also a symbol of strength and flight (and bravery)

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