Fascinated by the ocean, photographer Pierre Carreau is naturally drawn to the study of waves, their essence, their movement, and their shape. All of his work features the energetic life of the ocean as it crashes onto the shores, with every painterly shot more unique than the next. Carreau believes his photographs mix power with fragility and he says, “I like the fact that this energy comes from far away to be revealed on our beaches.” Carreau is able to document the beautiful light and shadows that shine along the surface of the water, producing what appear to be delicate pieces of glass that viewers will want to reach out and touch. Capturing such perfect moments takes a lot of work, and the artist finds that he needs to take hundreds of photographs to get exactly the right moment. But, as we see in his collection of what he calls “liquid sculptures,” the hard work is totally worth it as he successfully brings to us the stunning, crystal-clear details and transparency of the powerful ocean waves.


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