Kate Powell, a young talent Speaking of talent ... here comes the extraordinary illustrations of Kate Powell, a young (she's only seventeen years old) artist who lives in West Yorkshire, and who dreams of becoming a great artist. I think this girl is going in the right direction!
If I were to label myself as an 18th century movement, it would be Romanticism, forI have such impractical ideals and views on life. I think it’s my general attitude, or heightened interest in nature and disgust for the modern world. I value imagination and emotion over rationality. I generally assume everything is just going to work out alright for me. I am romantic in that sense, allowing everything to flow over my head, or tell myself that none of this will matter in the future, that everything is fine. Everything is going to be fine. I guess I’m romantic in the other sense too, despite constantly wanting to be alone when I find myself in social situations, I have never not liked the idea of devoting myself to someone I find truly magical and inspiring(...).