Beautiful artworks by Mel Fischer aka kleinmeli Discover new artists is always a great satisfaction I would like to draw your attention to these wonderful illustrations born from the hand of Mel Fischer. Mel was born in Germany (East Germany) in 1980 and she went to art-school when she was 17 and made her degree in Graphic Design. Her style is a mix of unfinished detailed drawings and sketch-like realism with the surprise of something out of the blue now and then. People recognize her work, without even seeing her name because her style is unique! The biggest “classical” artist that influenced Mel is Alfons Mucha. She say: "His work is just so breathtakingly awesome! And even if you do not know who he is I’m 99% sure your know at least one of his pieces I also have to say that his sketches influenced my style way more than his finished stuff" Enjoy her artworks!