Amazing realistic portraits by Diego Fazio Beautiful photography ? No...this is an amazing illustration! Diego Fazio (aka DiegoKoi) was born in Lamezia Terme (CZ) 25 October 1989. Inspired by the greatest Japanese artists of the Edo period as Katsushika Hokusai (? ? ? ?, Edo, 1760 – May 10, 1849) DiegoKoi and ‘managed to fascinate the eye of people with its precise lines and oriental techniques. He dedicated to making body of drawings and he gave them a great sense of personal that is expressed in each individual subject, through sensible lines that surrounded him, giving rise to compact shapes and elastic, supported by shadows and imagination of ‘artist who used to make the work a mixture of real and unreal. Initially he dedicated to the development of feminine traits bringing out the delicate psyche of these women through their eyes and the folds of their faces, leaving the viewer to investigate the silent emotions they express. Later, he devoted himself to the creation of faces that seem to scream desperation and the anger of a ‘whole society’ today.