Lucas Lasnier, aka PARBO, was born in Mar del Plata and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a graphic designer (Fadu, UBA / Ort) and illustrator, professions that developed as a founding member of KidGaucho art collective.

“Girls and Roses” is a triangle connection between girls’ portraits, roses and alchemy, showed at Rojo ArtSpace Buenos Aires, in August 2009.
Is the secret search of the esthetic beauty across female faces, the pure smell chase capsulated in roses and the alteration among the relative machine of alchemy.

Lucas Lasnier, aka Parbo, è nato a Mar del Plata e cresciuto a Buenos Aires, Argentina. E ‘un graphic designer (Fadu, UBA / Ort) e illustratore.

“Girls and Roses” rappresenta una serie di ritratti di ragazze, rose e alchimia, mostrato al Rojo ArtSpace Buenos Aires, nel mese di agosto 2009.

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