The Surreal Paintings of Payam Montazami Born in Iran, raised in Belgium and educated in Montreal, Payam Montazami has been combining the Surrealist expression of the unconscious with culturally relevant subject matter for over 10 years. Through painting and sculpture, Payam’s work aims to challenge and probe the audience just as much as the audience does his works. On the surface, one is drawn in by the distorted beauty and underlying humor of Payam’s pieces, and this often leads to a deeper emotional connection with the work. Payam aims to accentuate and contrast the unnatural creatures that inhabit his otherworldly landscapes which deal with the consequences of tampering with nature. Payam’s work uses traditional forms of art media such as paint and physical materials, bolstered by his years of experience experimenting with electronic and digital arts. His minimalist interactive installations have been unleashed for public consumption on numerous occasions, most recently with inclusion at the Montreal S.A.T. Interactive Arts Exhibits. Payam’s pieces have been nominated for various “best of show” awards, based on the strong innovation, inventiveness and entertainment value of his work. He currently continues to produce unique pieces as well as supporting his website, Sunrise Artists, which is aimed at helping young undiscovered artists in his community. Payam holds a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal.