Miss Van was born in 1973 in Toulouse, France and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She started wall-painting in the streets at the age of 18, initiating the feminine movement in street art. Her compositions are “dolls” (poupées) from the round forms and soft, as if the artist wants to deviate from the canonical current beauty. They are languid and intriguing but at the same time, angelic and the immature forms of Miss Van’s dolls are placed in an imaginary world in soft colors to make them even more enigmatic.Miss Van è nata nel 1973 a Tolosa, in Francia ed risiede attualmente sede a Barcellona, Spagna. Ha iniziato a dipingere per strada, all’età di 18 anni, iniziando il movimento femminile nella street art. Le sue composizioni sono “bambole” (poupées) dalle forme rotonde e morbide, come se l’artista vuole deviare dalla bellezza canonica attuale.

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