KOIKOIKOI Reloaded Finally the new version of KOIKOIKOI is out! We wanted to give it not just a totally new look, but also add some useful features for our readers. So, here's a brief tour to this new release. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/26317263[/vimeo]


The homepage has been improved with much bigger thumbnails and 2 different visualizations: blog and grid. You can choose you favorite by clicking on the little icons at the top of the post list and on you next visit it will keep your last choice. The slideshow is wider and contains an abstract from the article and you can slide it forward and backward by clicking the arrows on its sides.

2. User news

This is one of the most important new features. Now you can write your news and publish it on KOIKOIKOI, adding title, source, text, images, links, author, tags... just like all the other posts. You can share a post on your blog or on another site, your portfolio/project, and exhibition, a resource, etc... Please use ENGLISH only, and note that all the news will be moderated within 24 hours. Interesting news will be featured as regular posts in homepage The best and most prolific authors will be contacted to become official KOIKOIKOI's authors. Of course also User News section (just like all the other category pages) can be viewed in grid or blog mode.  

3. Sidebar / footer / search / comments

In sidebar you can find 2 tabs: random and recent. The first one presents 3 big thumbnails of 3 random posts, picking new posts each refresh/new page. This way you can discover REALLY cool contents posted in the past. We have to say we really had fun with this new feature, re-discovering contents we almost forgot about. If you're bored, try to click one random post, on that page you'll find 3 other random posts, etc... more than 570 (and growing) posts are waiting for you. Beside that, each post, presents a selection of related posts at its bottom. In sidebar you can also find the latest User news, and links to add yours or read all the news. Another cool way to discover new inspirations and contents is the Twitter plugin in footer. It shows tweets from Twitter users containing keywords related to KOIKOIKOI's topics. The search has been improved with live search function. It shows you results while you're typing in the box, with thumbnails too.   Comments are now powered by Disqus and you can login to comment by logging in with you disqus or facebook or twitter account. You can also rate comments (just like YouTube) and do some other cool things, like subscribing to a topic, sort comments, etc...  

4. Favorites

Ok now, this is a really useful feature. We're sure you often find interesting contents on  KOIKOIKOI and you think "I should remember this one", then 2 things may happen: 1- you forgot it or 2- you save it in your browser favorites making it a real links hell. Here's the solution we thought for you: your favorite links INSIDE Koikoikoi and... YOU DON'T NEED TO REGISTER. A cookie keeps memory of all your favourite koikoikoi's posts and you can see them HERE. PLEASE NOTE: if you erase your cookies you're going to lose your favourites. Adding posts is really simple: just click on the "Add to favourites" link at the top of each post page to add it to your favourites.  

5. Tattoo category

A brand new category: tattoo. This category is dedicated to all those tattoo Artists with a real personal / cool / original / stunning style that makes them really distinguishing. But also to all the illustrators / artists / photographers / projects related to tattoo art.