Nikki Farquharson's Mixed Media Girls Nikki Farquharson is a 24 year old freelancer based in London, England. Her work includes a unique mixture of collage, photography, typography and bold color combinations and patterns. Farquharson has a passion for communication. Apart from her visual work, she also has other projects like creating books about language and playing with the meaning of words and proverbs. She also runs an online public participatory site at: that she started while she was still at university and that is open for anyone to submit images focused on a specific colour. Farquharson usually draws and colours intricate patterns by hand using pencils, fine liner pens and felt tips. Some times she integrates photographs in her compositions. Most of the time she uses the collage technique to copy and paste the imagery (like the Mixed Media Girls project), but other times she adds them using a computer program (like the Baby Girl project for Missbehave Magazine). See below for some of her artwork: via The Cool Hunter