Andy Kehoe: A World Unseen and Those In BetweenAndy Kehoe: A World Unseen and Those In Between

Andy Kehoe‘s series of oil and acrylic paintings on wood panel depict lonely folklore inspired characters in autumnal landscapes. Sometimes his artworks have a distrurbing undertone, but Kehoe always manages to create peaceful and serene natural scenes with a melancholy feel that speak of the mysteries of the unknown.La serie di dipinti ad acrilico su tavola di Andy Kehoe raffigura solitarie figure folkloristiche in paesaggi autunnali. Talvolta le sue opere hanno un che di inquientante, ma Kehoe bilancia sapientemente i toni per creare atmosfere di pace e serenità con la natura con una nota malinconica che parla dei misteri dell’ignoto.

See below for some choice pieces by Portland-based artist Andy Kehoe.

Alcune opere dell’artista di Portland.