Animals anatomy graffiti by Roa Huge animals anatomy, these are the favorite subjects of the talented street artist ROA, from Ghent Belgium. This is one of the latest creations of ROA in Shoreditch London, looked at from one angle you see a furry rabbit and from the other the creatures insides. roa2 roa3 roa_warsaw_10_u_1000 roa_warsaw_9_u_1000 roa_warsaw_8_u roa_warsaw_7_u_1000 roa_warsaw_6_u_1000 roa16-640x853 roa15-640x853 roa14-640x480 roa13-640x853 roa12-640x853 roa11-640x853 roa10-640x853 roa9-640x480 roa8-640x853 roa7-640x428 roa5-640x955 roa3-640x955 roa2-640x428 Immagine 4 Immagine 3 Immagine 2 4200363722_98623effa2_o 4200363536_3ac58c40f0_o 4122911538_2b7257b571 4106035376_c56ec1432a