20 vintage Santa Claus illustrations by Coca-Cola As many of you should know, starting from 1931, the Coca Cola Company has used Santa Claus as testimonial for their winter campaigns. The way he looks today in the collective imaginary is mainly caused by Coca Cola ads. Haddon Sundblom has been the first artist painting Santa Claus' visuals for Coca Cola. Here a collection of vintage illustrations used in advertising campaign from Coca Cola. Enjoy! : ) ... and Merry Christmas by koikoikoi. cokelore_santa_helicopter thanksforthepause stockupfor santacoke santacoke3 santacoke2 lg_santa_toys_1953 cokelore_santa_toys_cutout cokelore_santa_spriteboy cokelore_santa_carton cokelore_santa_1964 cokelore_santa_1951 cokelore_santa_1947 cokelore_santa_1942 cokelore_santa_1931 Coca-Cola-Art_Christmas_Santa9 Coca-Cola-Art_Christmas_Santa4 Coca-Cola-Art_Christmas_Santa1 thirstasks