Pale Horse - Chris Parks Pale Horse is the graphic design and illustration Studio of Chris Parks. Since the opening in 2006, Pale Horse has had the opportunity to create artworks for companies like Iron Fist, Nike, Vans, Etnies, Globe, Red Bull, Hurley, Sullen, Mattel, The Cartoon Network and many others. Chris has also shown his illustrations in various galleries throughout Florida and across the US. Lucha-Mary-21 Lucha-Mary-31 Lucha-Mary-41 SkeletonMary-2 Taktor-21 Lucha-Jesus-1 Lucha-Jesus-4 Gorilla-21 Gorilla-41 Moments-2 Dead-Geisha-1 BNB-Shirts-3 Voltron-3 Voltron-2 Vulture-31 Koi-22 concept-sketch test-prints IF-ZombieShoes-2 PH_Studio-1 PH-DeadGeishaMary ContactChris