Japanese municipality logos inspiration Used to italian city emblems, usually coming from an heraldic heritage, we're astonished in front of these japanese municipality logos, that seem to come from Star Trek or WipeOut. flag_45 flag_44 flag_43 flag_42 flag_41 flag_40 flag_39 flag_38 flag_37 flag_36 flag_35 flag_34 flag_33 flag_32 flag_31 flag_30 flag_29 flag_28 flag_27 flag_25 flag_24 flag_23 flag_22 flag_21 flag_20 flag_19 flag_18 flag_17 flag_16 flag_15 flag_14 flag_13 flag_12 flag_11 flag_10 flag_09 flag_08 flag_07 flag_05 flag_04 flag_03 flag_02 flag_01 [via PinkTentacle]