Le tag au Grand Palais From march 23 to may 3 2009 graffitis and tags have found a new exhibition place at Grand Palais de Paris. Curator of the exhibition the architect Alain-Dominique Gallizia, who selected 300 artworks by the most important names worldwide in graffiti art. KoiKoiKoi has got some exclusive pictures. In more than 700 meters of exhibition has took place names like Taki 183, considered the inventor of the tagging phenomenon, Seen, legendary writer, one of the most important in USA, the french Bando, but also important italian names like Microbo and Bo13o. tag_graffiti_grand_palais_04 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_05 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_06 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_07 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_10 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_12 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_13 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_14 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_15 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_19 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_22 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_23 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_25 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_26 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_27 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_28 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_29 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_31 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_32 tag_graffiti_grand_palais_34 [many thanks to Raffaella fot the pictures]