Guerrilla Marketing Collection #2 Second collection of creative advertsing and guerrilla marketing. Cars made of ice, toilets placed 2 meters off the ground, kids pasted behind posters.. just some of the most creative and funny ideas. a96672_a443_western2 a96672_a443_volkswagon2 a96672_a443_virgin-eggs2 a96672_a443_spiderman2 a96672_a443_smart2 a96672_a443_seafood2 a96672_a443_redcross2 a96672_a443_pepto-bismol2 a96672_a443_hummer2 a96672_a443_economistbulb2 a96672_a443_dhl3 a96672_a443_dayaftertomorrow2 a96672_a443_axe2 [via: oddee]